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Digital Marketing Pillars

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is an organic, unpaid method of improving the performance of a website or website’s search results on a large number of search platforms such as Google.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Search Engine Marketing is a broad field defined as marketing by search engines and refers to marketing on Google AdWords.

Social Media Marketing (SMM)

Social media like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc. enable brands to communicate with customers and engage with them in a meaningful and genuine way.

Content & E-Mail Marketing

According to the survey, 76 percent of B2C marketers and 88 percent of B2B marketers are currently using content marketing strategies like blogging to engage their target market.

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Frequently asked questions

Who can join the Digital Marketing Course?


       > Education: Minimum Matric

       > Experience: Fresh

       > Age: Any

This course is useful for students who want to make their career in digital marketing or want to do business, Entrepreneurs; having a unique idea but don’t know how to launch it, Digital Marketers to improve their skills to the next level, freelancers, etc. 

        Like other professions, Digital Marketing does not need any kind of prerequisites; you don’t need to have a specific degree or diploma to start a perfect career in Digital Marketing or any of its Modules. Of course, a professional full-time 4-6 years degree in Marketing or Digital Marketing will open more doors for you but Digital Marketing Certification and courses too will open enough doors to travel on a rewarding career path.

 Join our Course, If you want to learn digital marketing to have plenty of career opportunities or if you are passionate about marketing or your own brand creation and want to learn new tricks & techniques for internet marketing to add to your existing skills. 

This introductory course is designed for digital marketing beginners as well for professionals. We are covering all the basics of digital marketing and taking it to a professional level. This Course brings you the certificate for digital marketing, which covers everything from marketing strategy to strategy development to marketing tactics and strategies. 

Those who are certified will benefit most from these modules, can get freelance projects on every single module.    

Being successful in digital marketing is similar to being an orchestral conductor: there are a lot of moving parts and you have to work harmoniously together. Whether you are landing the marketing job at your dream company, starting your own business or building a side-show with your extra pocket money, one thing is certain: you will need to know a lot about digital marketing.  

Course Content
We’re covering Major Pillars of Digital Marketing 1- Social Media Marketing (SMM)a. Introduction
b. Organic Engagement
c. Campaign Setup
d. ToolsWe are Covering Major Social Media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn2- Search Engine Marketing (SEM)a. Introduction
b. Ad Funnel/Marketing Funnel
c. Campaign Setup
d. Tools3- Search Engine Optimization (SEO)a. Introduction
b. OnSite SEO
c. OffSite SEO
d. Tools4- Content & Email Marketinga. Introduction
b. Email Marketing
c. Content Marketing
d. ToolsAnd Many More like
Introduction to Digital Media Marketing Marketing Research
Digital Entrepreneurship
Content Writing/Blogging
Web Analytics and Reporting
What is the Course Fee?

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Are Online Classes available?

Yes, You’re also taking online classes. Contact us for more details.
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You’ll be provided US Recognized Certification after completion of this Course. 
Note: For the certification, your credit hours must be completed with all your assignments and practical work. 

Internship opportunity

Our students get internships after this course. Our Internship is leading to a job whether its full time in-house or online job. because of less no. of seats, our selection criteria is a little bit tough, So work hard to improve yourself every day.

If you have any other query feel free to contact us over WhatsApp at 03094356433 

Digital Marketing Course

The course “Digital Marketing Course” is designed for all skill levels, regardless of experience or background. It offers more than 120 hours of course covering everything from marketing strategy and strategy development to marketing tactics and strategies.      

There is much to learn to become a full-fledged digital marketer – stack – and there are many digital marketing courses that teach you about online marketing in separate modules. We’re combining all the modules in one course. Joining us not only helps you to practice digital marketing but also make a strong networking source. That’s why we prefer to do in-house courses rather than online. The strategies and the scenarios which our trainers provide you are not cost less. They return your fee after multiplying it with 10 on every month in just a few months. The step by step training from digital marketing basics to professional teaches you how to build your own company or business, the course also includes how to earn online via Fiverr, Upwork and from other market places. If you already know the basics you can use this course to explore and delve deeper into small and large parts of digital marketing. 
One of the best ways to learn digital marketing is to learn from the case studies which our trainers provide you with a clear explanation of the strategic plan they made before designing the campaigns. I recommend you subscribe to our newsletter, because our blog will bring you the latest news, tips and tricks, as well as links to other great resources and courses.
Join a Digital Marketing Course that helps you better understand your business, your customers, and your business model. You learn how to land pages, manage maintenance, conversion analysis, and reporting, and thus develop a modern inbound marketing strategy. We help you master boundless marketing and learn more about call-to-action. You will learn all the basics of landing on the landing and leadership, call to action, conversions, analyses, and more.

This digital marketing Course from Pneurs moves in the grey area and complements your strengths to help you achieve and maintain leadership in a particular industry. It is perfect for social media managers and marketers who want to hide the science behind content marketing methods. This digital marketing course is taught in an open-source style that allows you to plan and maintain effective social media marketing campaigns while managing and promoting your brand.  You will find courses on everything from building an online marketing plan to the basics of content marketing and the importance of social networks.  

Digital Marketing and its Scope in Pakistan

  And when we say digital marketing, then note that the future of digital marketing in Pakistan and the scope of digital marketing in the future is going to get brighter in the coming years. 

    As a marketer, I am very excited about the future and what digital marketing will look like in the years ahead.
At the same time, the demand for digital marketing experts is growing, and the certification of digital marketing experts is in the foreground. The expanding labor market and the need for new skills have created many digital training institutions.

With a certificate in Digital Marketing Course, you can pursue a career in digital marketing. As a result, there is a huge demand for digital marketing professionals who have been certified in the courses for digital marketers. By offering a wide range of courses such as online marketing, digital advertising, web design, social media management, and marketing analytics, these institutes help their students to get among the top students. Inbound marketing is gaining huge benefits from new updates, including modern Google applications, combined with the future of digital marketing trends. With the advent of new technologies such as mobile phones, tablets, and smartphones, digital marketing is on the rise. Cities are heavily connected to digital media, while there is a training area for digital advertising and marketing. 

    Google Ads, SEO, Web Analytics, Mobile Advertisement, Inbound and Content Marketing, Affiliate and Email Marketing, Social Media Marketing, and Video Advertising are some fields of courses and training in Digital Marketing.                     

Social Media Marketing (SMM)

New functions and targeting options are added daily, even if you cannot manage them yourself. The best course in digital marketing teaches you to cover all the degrees in it, but the division of tasks that comprises the most important part of the job (and the one with the greatest potential for success) is Social Media Marketing (SMM). 

    Of all the kinds of jobs available in the digital marketing field, social media marketing is the one with the biggest task. By answering questions and concerns on social media, brands can improve their customer service processes and contribute to an overall better online reputation. It can also help improve customer relationships by enabling brands to better understand their customer’s needs and desires. By improving customer service relationships, it also contributes to improving overall customer satisfaction, which can lead to repeated sales and customer recommendations. Not only is it great for improving customer service, but it can also help improve customer relations so that your brand can better understand the needs and desires of its customers. 

Online marketing is a cheaper and more outreach method that is extremely attractive to businesses if they want to be able to connect with customers at the lowest possible cost. One of the reasons digital marketing is a must for most modern brands is that it allows companies to cultivate better customer relationships.  

Social media like Facebook and Twitter enable brands to communicate with customers and engage with them in a meaningful and genuine way. Remarketing ads on social media can boost sales by showing consumers what they have left behind and reminding them why your brand is so great. Digital marketing allows you to stay ahead of the game as brands use the latest technology to reach customers and use the most popular platforms to deliver targeted ad content. While it is important to connect customers with leading brands, many organizations send periodic newsletters, email campaigns, and autoresponders to their subscribers to inform them about their products and services. Companies understand what their customer leaders need by communicating with customers through websites, blogs, and social media. 

This is where social media comes in, and the number of social media platforms is enormous and growing to cater to more tastes and interests. Social media marketers take care of the digital ads you see on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, etc. 

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)    

Search engine marketing is a broad field defined as marketing by search engines and refers to marketing on Google AdWords, even though Google is the largest search engine in itself, accounting for over 90% of all online search traffic in the U.S. Search engine optimization is an organic, unpaid method of improving the performance of a website or website’s search results on a large number of search platforms such as Google. 

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

 Search Engine Optimization is a natural/organic ( unpaid ) technique for improving the positioning of Landing pages and their visibility on different search engines, for example, Google, Yahoo, Bing, and so forth This is on the grounds that Google represents more than 79 % of all worldwide work area search traffic and Google Ads convert 50 % better than natural list items. 

Getting your site, or individual pages, to accomplish a high positioning situation on search engine results pages (SERP) for important and relevant keywords terms includes a ton of expertise and information.

Content Marketing 

    Content Marketer Content Marketer curates the brand’s story in a unique and appealing manner to capture the audience and handles all the major digital media channels for content broadcast, be it blogs, social media, advertisements, website content, and more! 

    According to the survey, 76 percent of B2C marketers and 88 percent of B2B marketers are currently using content marketing strategies like blogging to engage their target market.

    Once the Inbound Marketing Manager has developed a plan to attract customers through content marketing, they can focus on implementing that strategy. Currently, you use content marketing strategies such as blogging to reach a wider audience of potential customers, as well as new customers and potential partners.

This is a social media marketing strategy aimed at marketers, managers, and individuals who want to use these new marketing techniques. In this article about marketing, there are some old strategies that online marketers use to attract new visitors and increase sales on their websites. We offer a comprehensive guide to developing a tailor-made digital marketing program for the Inbound Marketing Manager. 

Affiliate Marketing    

   Affiliate marketing refers to the practice of promoting other people’s products, often through affiliate networks. The ultimate purpose is to convey the value of a product or service to people so that they want to buy it, or at least are interested in learning more about it. Affiliates in marketing earn a commission when people buy your products or services, and sometimes even commission when they do.     

The distribution channel is defined as the way in which a product or service finds its way to the end consumer. It offers the opportunity to present and promote your products or services in a way that is best suited to a specific channel or platform. 

Digital Media Marketing

What makes marketing so interesting today is the extent to which digital media can be used and manipulated for the best purposes of marketing. It is important to integrate all types of media, both traditional and digital, to promote your brand in the best possible light. This does not mean that traditional media are no longer relevant to your marketing efforts. As with any other type of advertising, I think it is much easier for you to integrate all kinds of content into your digital marketing. 

In fact, it would be strange for me to run a marketing campaign without a large part of it is a digital marketing and vice versa.

Once, the development and implementation of marketing campaigns meant placing advertisements on television and radio and placing print ads in newspapers and magazines. Contemporary marketing attracts hundreds of thousands of pairs of eyes to advertising campaigns, enabling advertisers to update published ads whenever they need to. Likewise, a print ad in a newspaper or magazine is an effective way to reach a particular demographic that spends time reading publications. 

If you want to target a specific geographic location, radio and television advertising is a great way to reach a local audience. This includes the lack of immediate feedback and reporting, as well as the use of social media such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

While the majority of brands reach and engage consumers through digital marketing, consumers do not expect this type of digital engagement before buying. Social media engagement makes it easier for consumers to look at reviews on Facebook and ask their friends and family for advice before buying. Make sure your brand addresses the issues and concerns of its consumers to promote their relationship through high-quality consumer engagement. 

Difference between Traditional and Digital Marketing

   Traditional Marketing: The way of marketing by using Flyers, TV ads, LCDs, billboards, newspapers, etc. Which costs you 1000 times more than digital marketing and gives almost the same results. 

   By using Digital Marketing Tactics in combination with current and Traditional Marketing Strategies, companies can optimize campaigns for maximum results. By accessing real-time analytics, you can work to change and improve your campaigns without wasting more money on ineffective tactics. After periodically reviewing your analysis, you can also work on optimizing your marketing budget by using more of your budget for tactics that deliver the best results, rather than for ineffective ones. 

While traditional marketing tactics require you to wait until your campaign has run its course to see what worked and what didn’t, digital marketing analytics tools allow you to see the performance of your campaigns in real-time and adjust it immediately, rather than waiting for the campaigns to run their course.

Recognizing and diagnosing the importance of electronic marketing, brands have become active by focusing on digital marketing. In today’s market, these skills are in high demand, and brands and companies are increasingly focusing on them because they understand it. By extending its scope to the market, digital marketing skills will be in great demand in the future.     

If you play your cards right, you can get support by getting your followers to become your customers and spread awareness of your brand. 

Digital Marketing surprised everyone when Traditional Media reacted somewhat insensitively to the new demands to bring consumers online. Consumers’ purchasing decisions have changed so much that the convenience of online services has become a crucial aspect of purchasing decisions.