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Search Engine Optimization

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Why SEO?

According to a Survey, 150-300$ is the most common Hourly Rate of an SEO Expert. Search engines like Google, MSN, Bing etc. have billions of searches and if your website is not ranked then you will lose a lot of free traffic every second and tons of customers every minute.

Course Outline


✦ Keywords Research

✦ How to be Search Engine Friendly

✦ On-Page SEO

✦ UI And UX According To SEO

✦ Technical SEO

✦ Mobile Web Crawling

✦ Link Building

✦ Content Marketing

✦ Local SEO Vs Global SEO

✦ Off-Page Optimization

✦ SEO Site Audit

✦ Competitors Analysis

✦ Web 2.0 And The Power Of Little Things

✦ PPC Research

✦ Reports


✦ Display Advertising

✦ Pay Per Click ads

✦ Search Ads

✦ Ads Optimization/Campaign Design Our SEO & PPC crash Course Included Web development with WordPress and Basic UI And UX According To SEO

Anyone who has basic knowledge of computers and wants to earn money online can apply for this course.

After completing the course we will offer the internship to the students who perform well in the entire course and after that internship, we will give you a job or refer you to someone to hire you. Where you can get a good Salary.

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